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作者: b52add431wo    時間: 2013-11-22 13:32     標題: acting is nothing new to him. Perfect antidoteThe Austrian referee

By Mark ChaplinKonrad Plautz might have a better idea than most of what to do if he sees a player try to win a foul through simulation - after all, acting is nothing new to him. Perfect antidoteThe Austrian referee, a regular on the UEFA Champions League scene as a member of UEFA's élite cheap miami dolphins jerseys group of European match officials, is an enthusiastic director and actor with a local theatre group - the perfect antidote to the hectic round of domestic and European action.Successful careerThe 40-year-old toolmaker from the small Alpine town of Navis says he was determined to carve out a niche as a referee from a very early age. "Refereeing fascinated me in my childhood, and I started taking charge of matches as a teenager in 1984," he told "I looked up to such people as the Austrian referee Erich Linemayr for inspiration. Reaching goals"I played as a right-back as a youngster, but I wasn't the greatest player, to be honest, and my interest in refereeing always took priority," Plautz said. Starting with the youth sector, he began his rise through the ranks at regional level before heading into the Austrian national leagues - fulfilling an objective he had set himself at the outset. Memorable 1996He said: "I gave myself the target to get to the highest levels in ten years, and I managed to reach Bundesliga level after six years, before getting my international badge in 1996." That memorable year culminated in Plautz being chosen to referee the UEFA European Under-16 Championship final between France and Portugal in Vienna.Thorough attitudeTo make your way in refereeing requires sacrifice and a professional attitude to fitness and preparation. Thoroughness, Plautz says, is essential. He said: "Once I know my appointment, I go on the internet, study the teams and how they play, the club set-up, the stadium, recent results - it's helpful to learn as much as you can.Butterflies means motivationHe added: "That doesn't mean you don't have butterflies in your stomach when you go out on to the field - I feel you need this to an extent, to have the proper motivation. And you certainly have to have the same level of concentration whether you're refereeing a game in Austria or a Champions League match."'Totally present'Plautz believes authority and flexibility are vital for any referee to enjoy a successful match. He said: "You have to be totally present for the 90 minutes. It's nice to be able to make a positive contribution to a match that is flowing, but you must never let your authority slip."Kiev experienceAs with his élite colleagues, there is a special buzz about being in the thick of the buffalo bills jerseys Champions League action. "In 2003, I refereed the [FC] Dinamo Kyiv-Arsenal [FC] match in Kiev, in front of 80,000 spectators, and it was a sensational experience for me. It's important, though, that you focus on the field rather than the crowd on such occasions. And although you might be refereeing the stars, once the game starts, I try to look at the two teams as 'black against white'."Future ambitionPlautz aspires to being a reliable official. "We all make cheap nfl womens jerseys mistakes, and the main thing is to learn from them," he said. "My aim is to maintain my standards, and also to be a worthy representative of Austrian football throughout Europe." Whether running matters on the stage or on the field, Plautz knows where he is going.* Konrad Plautz's official website is at Related nfl womens jerseys ItemsFitness fillip for refereesNew benchmark for refereesBennett's marathon taskFinal whistle blows for MeierMeridian bonus for RefereesOfficially exhaustingDougal takes a firm handA red card to racismPoll declares war on divers

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